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'I have been really impressed with Hubb. Hubb produced a website with our branding within days. They have been friendly and helpful in explaining how to make changes, or making amendments for me. Changes come within hours rather than the 7 days our previous supplier offered. Hubb offers a better service for less money! We are delighted with the web site - it works well and looks great. I warmly commend them to you.'

Iain Baker, St Thomas Kidgrove

'When looking for a new website company, Hubb immediately stood out! It had all we needed to get started, with endless possibilities that are only limited by your imagination.

After starting with writing HTML, then moving to Wordpress, Hubb is a dream to use. There's lots to learn, but the clear tutorials, written and video, and the helpful & friendly people at Hubb are always there to help.

We didn't go for a bespoke design, but the one we chose worked straight out of the box, as they say.

With their reasonable pricing and helpful offers I would thoroughly recommend Hubb.'

Tim Weller, Earlsdon Methodist Church

'I have found Hubb great at every stage of our website development. When our site needed an update, Hubb made everything run extremely smoothly, with no interruption. The support is exceptional, any issues I have had being sorted out straight away. I would recommend Hubb to any church wanting a professional looking website, the only problem you will have is choosing which template to use, they are all stunning!'

Sue Fox, Buckingham Parish Church

'As a church we have been with Hubb for years and throughout all of that time Hubb have been genuinely amazing! The team is consistently helpful, creative and supportive. I have asked more than my fair share of questions over the years when I get stuck and they are ALWAYS answered promptly and courteously (even when they must have despaired!). But one of my favorite things about Hubb is the continual development that happens to keep pace with what's going on. For example - when the GDPR was being implemented in 2018 Hubb provided an easy way of helping churches communicate and navigate through the process ahead of time. Or, with booking for services during the pandemic, easy systems accompanied by simple instructional videos were made available even before we asked the question "how". Hubb provide the solutions before I realise I've hit a problem!

Another thing that I love about Hubb is that smaller churches (where resources - either in terms of people or finances - might not be so readily available) don't lose out on what they can access, don't miss out on the what they can do through a website - and that is because of the way that Hubb operate. The heart for churches that lies at the core of this company is what makes them stand out - and as a church we are SO grateful not just for what they do but who they are.'

Sandra Mathers, Kingdom Faith South West

'I love Hubb because it’s the best tool for church administration and communication. From the database, to events, schedules, mailings, resource booking - plus the external website - now I've got used to using it I don't know what I would do without it!'

Phillipa Branson-Bottrell

'Through Hubb we have a very cost-effective communications tool; a good-looking, up-to-date website 'store window', backed by a powerful and versatile administrative engine, and underpinned by a professional organization with responsive, friendly customer support. Heartily recommended!'

Jonathan Mobey, Harwell and Chilton Churches

'What a blessing Hubb has been. From help with designing and setting up our website, through training and to ongoing support as we maintain and develop our site. The friendly staff are always ready to help with prompt and professional technical advice.'

Michael Watts, Through Faith Missions

'I have always been extremely impressed with helpfulness of the Hubb team. The comment "no question is too silly" comes to mind as I came to grips with the workings of the website. I was and still am very grateful to the very quick and good responses to all my questions. As to the website itself it is clear concise and "friendly".'
Helen Share, Church of Christ the King, London

'As a small church on a tight budget, Hubb have allowed us to have a professional looking website which we may not have been able to afford if we looked at some of the other website providers. We have used Hubb now for over 5 years, recently updating our website template to one of their new and more dynamic templates. We have found the Hubb team a delight to deal with. They are keen to help, patient with answering our questions and going beyond to ensure that we are happy with the outcome.

The changes required to our website were done swiftly and the team came up with ideas on how to improve the overall look and feel of our website. We appreciate the wonderful service we have received and would not hesitate to recommend Hubb.'
Yemi Francios, True Vine Christian Fellowship, Luton

'As a leader of a smaller church on a very tight budget, I was unsure whether our project would interest the team at Hubb. I was delighted to discover that not only were they interested but they relished the opportunity to transform our image with a fresh new logo and modern website.

I've been particularly impressed by the speed at which ideas were visualised, and by their simplification of what I feared would be a long and complicated process. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hubb to all churches, regardless of size.'
Peter Timothy, Park Baptist

'After five years using Hubb for our church website, database, sermon archive, event management system, schedules, on-line booking and mailing system, it is still the only solution I recommend when other churches ask for advice.

Of all the systems that we looked at, none came close to the integrated power of Hubb to make administrating a church and website as straightforward and low maintenance as possible – and they still seem to be well ahead of the competition!

While the component system parts themselves may not be the best-in-breed compared to dedicated systems, the cost and complexity of integrating or maintaining disparate dedicated systems is something you can wave good-bye to with Hubb – and enjoy a whole host of additional features as a direct benefit of the full integration.

All backed-up by a great team who are good at balancing the needs of individual customers with improvements to the system as a whole.'

Nick Watkins, All Souls Langham Place

Disclaimer: Nick was a customer of ours and liked Hubb so much, he joined the team and is now our Senior Software Developer :)

'Hubb have worked with the Baptist Union to create a whole new branding and Website. Despite a complex set of requirements and the need for a radical rebrand, Hubb have been superb to work with, delivered on time, on budget.

Hubb have imparted great expertise and advice, yet unusually for technical companies, they talk the language of the normal person. They take a mad idea, and make it happen. I am sure that there has been a lot of head scratching behind the scenes, but we have never experienced that.

The company is totally professional and over the time of this project we have made some good friends. The churches of the Baptist Union have overwhelmingly welcomed the new branding and website. I cannot recommend Hubb highly enough. We feel that we are in safe hands.'

Ian Bunce, Baptist Union of Great Britain

'We’re really happy with our modern new website thanks to Hubb Lite. The team have been really helpful in tweaking one of their clean templates to fit with our branding and requirements. This has given our website a complete overhaul – it’s gone from being dated and confusing to modern, sharp and easy to use. The video tutorials are excellent – allowing us to easily input information, upload content and make further tweaks as time goes on. The support team are great – their quick response times and helpful manner have ensured little bumps are ironed out and solutions are found in no time at all. Highly recommended!'

Luke Crowter, Enfield Evangelical Free Church

'Ruthin Christian Fellowship are delighted with the website provided by Hubb. We are a rural church in the middle of the North Wales countryside, and it is has been important for us to know that we have an effective tool for reaching out and making us known. We don't own a building, we don't have a store front; but we do have a great website… I would also like to commend the technical support team at Hubb, I have never had to wait long for a response. They have always helped us to work through any problems or ideas that we have had in a patient and helpful manner. We are very happy with this our website, keep up the great work!'

Kurt Francis, Ruthin Christian Fellowship

'I have introduced Hubb in two churches now and just couldn't envisage life as a senior pastor without it. Having a modern website is now a prerequisite for a church that seeks to grow.

We have many members here who only came because of the website and being able to check-out the teaching by listening to talks on-line.

A Hubb website is like an iceberg – what you see is just the tip. I spend most of my time in the ‘web office’ (database) using the powerful contact manager to send emails to various groups and to check that schedules and events are scheduled correctly. The whole staff team collaborates in keeping their own areas up to date.

The Hubb team are incredibly helpful and technical support is pretty much instant – we have never ever been left waiting for help. There are great on-line training courses and as the system is so intuitive and easy to learn I have myself trained many users in the space of an hour to do most of the basic tasks.

The system is scalable so you only need pay for what you use and it can grow with you, something few others offer. I could not recommend Hubb more highly as a really effective website and database provider.'

Will Pearson-Gee, St. Peter and St. Paul's Church, Buckingham

'In the past churches I've been a part of, the website has always been an important part of communicating to, and organising the life of the church but sometimes it can get complicated. However, with Hubb and particularly the 'Web Office' database system it has made searching for names, organising events and storing information easier. With the three levels of website access (public access, member access and deeper leadership access) it means that you can keep more private information hidden and confidential so it means that staff, for example, have access to information stored on the website which other members don't need to wade through to find what they want.

Hubb means you can upload sermons, study notes, videos, and other useful resources which can then be made available for everyone to access. Anyone who has access to this part can do it, so you don't have to always go through the one person. Storing lists of ministries and their team members in web office means that you can search and find who is available for a particular event or you can chec­k the calendar to see if you're not double booking something that is going on in your building; all information stored in the one place. Its all easy to use, neat, professional and organised.'

Andy Taylor, Magdalen Road Church

'I love things that look good and work well and this website does both. Having seen the Hubb website work well in two other larger churches I was part of we quickly adopted it in our smaller church. I love that it grows with the church and is changing needs. While we choose the newly developed and most expensive template because it looked so good! However it was the administration side, Web Office, that really attracted us to adopt the system. A growing church requires a web based flexible administration system that will adapt with us and it is doing that every effectively.

The site has transformed the way we function as a church in terms of schedules, reminders, the diary, address book and communication. Having lots of people inputting onto the site which can be controlled and limited where necessary has been such a benefit. One of our wardens commented that no one forgets duties anymore. Lastly I do enjoy using it and already got another local church to take it on too!'

James Levasier, Burpham Church

'Hubb have been incredibly helpful from the start to where we are now with our live site. They have given constant feedback whilst we were setting up the site and helped even the almost computer illiterate among our team with creating a powerful and beautiful site. The experience of dealing with Hubb has been completely pain free and they make it easy to create a site.'

Samuel Henderson, River Church, Taunton

'2020 marked the start of my new ministry as Trainee Lay Pastor at Upper Edge Baptist Church in West Yorkshire. One of my first goals was to revamp a very simple and tired website and after a short time of researching the subject online, I rang Hubb. From the very beginning, they were extremely helpful and customer focused. Supplied with some simple information they set up a template and a basic site for me very quickly and then guided me through the process of expanding it. Over the last year, I have grown used to their very speedy turnaround on queries raised. It is very unusual to have to wait more than a few hours for a response from them. If something needs changing or updating it is done just as quickly. They had a very clear pricing structure which allowed me to choose the best package for my church. The system itself is simple to use and update and if I am ever stuck there are great tutorials online. We have been able to set up online giving with great ease and now they even offer a personalized app which allows my church family easy access to recorded sermons and other material. Their product came just at the right time as we embarked upon the last 12 months of Covid 19. I cannot recommend this company enough. Whilst many companies have used Covid 19 as 'an excuse' for long online waits and responses Hubb have bucked the trend and kept up their outstanding customer service.'

Simon Shaw, Upper Edge Baptist Church

'We have recently used Hubb to upgrade our existing website using one of their many templates. We initially chose Hubb because we were impressed with the range of templates on offer and the ongoing monthly running costs. We found the team easy to work with – whoever we spoke to, they were always aware of where we were up to with the new site and they patiently helped us to get everything set up. There were two aspects of their input that we particularly appreciated: firstly, the creativity they brought to our site – we provided the photos and information but they made it look much more professional and engaging. Secondly, we found their online videos giving step by step instructions on how to set up various aspects of our website really helpful. In short, we appreciate the service we have received and we would definitely recommend them.'

Ann Chesworth, Harrogate Baptist Church

'I'm very grateful to Hubb for providing us with a great website. It looks neat and tidy and is easy to access and maintain. Users have commented on how good it looks. If I have any questions: there is a fantastic team supporting us. I would definitely recommend them.'

Elisabeth Hachmoeller, Churches Together in the Merseyside Region

'As a pastor of a smaller Church, the support from the team at Church Insight has become a great help in supporting our ministry. Our website has become invaluable for the life of our community.'

Matthew Cliff, Chenies Baptist Church

'I was recommended to Hubb by a colleague and it was with some trepidation I made contact. I do not come from an IT specialist background and can just about manage some simple tasks. It was with delight to be able to engage with the team at Hubb and with their product. The team recommended the website suitable for a single church presence. The template was quite amazing with its visual impact, breadth of content and options. It was daunting to begin with, but once started I gradually gathered momentum with confidence at tackling the various topics. I have received help with the construction both over the telephone and by email. Each request was met with patience and understanding; and the turn-around time was swift. I am particularly grateful to Kenton, a technical advisor for his knowledge, and to Ruth from the finance department for offering encouragement from a non-tech perspective. I believe the product and level of service as offered by Hubb to be superb and I thoroughly recommend them.'

Revd Keith Robus, Stoke Damerel Parish Church

'We have had a website at Euxton Parish Church for a number of years. We had already moved on from our first effort to something that was supposed to be easier to use and give us an attractive, good looking website but it wasn’t really working for us so we started looking for something that could do a better job for us.

After considering a few different offerings we decided that Hubb looked to be the best and in May 2020 we started a trial.

The trial quickly convinced us that Hubb was exactly what we had been looking for. The website looked good regardless of what device was being used to view it and it is so easy to add and change content.

Hubb is so much more than just a website though, there is a whole database behind it where we can not only stor­e parish records safely and securely but also use the information in a legally compliant way which is extremely important these days.

There is so much potential that we have only scratched the surface but four things stand out for us so far:

Communication – it is now easy to send emails either regularly or on an ad-hoc basis to all our church members, to a subset of members (e.g. the PCC) or even to just one person. This has been invaluable this year as we struggle to keep everyone up to date with the latest pandemic restrictions.

Website content – we have a major issue with our roof and we were able to make a video and put it on the website as we launched our appeal for the funds to make repairs. Adding other content, images, media etc is so easy that the only limit is your imagination. So, the website looks great and it’s really easy to keep up to date.

On-line payment – people can make donations directly via the website. Our roof appeal has certainly benefited from this. People could watch the appeal and then make a donation without leaving the site. Brilliant!

Schedules – an odd thing to be a stand out perhaps but, following guidance from Adam we have been using schedules as a booking system for our services in the church building during the pandemic. This was a terrific help.

As well as the website and the associated church management system facilities the support is excellent. There is a comprehensive online help facility which is backed up by a good team of knowledgeable folk who reply promptly to email requests for assistance.

All in all we are absolutely delighted with our new website and the service from Adam and his staff. We would have no hesitation in recommending Hubb to others.'

Andy Grant, Euxton Parish Church

'Faith in Business had been looking to move to a modern and impactful new website, where we could showcase all the materials and events we provide to help Christians live out their faith in the business world. We chose Hubb because they already manage websites for many churches and faith organizations, are well established, and had a selection of pre-built templates so we could quickly get our new website up and running.

In developing the website, Hubb were at all times thorough, responsive, and able to take our ideas and turn them into attractive solutions. We are finding the platform itself is easy to maintain – to the point where some of our less technically-confident team are also adding and editing content successfully on the site.

We are delighted with the result: A clean, vibrant website where people quickly get to the information we provide. A month after going live, we have had a 5% growth in subscribers to our mailing list from people signing up on the website, seen an increase in donations, and much positive feedback from our community.'

Stephen Doel, Faith In Business

'For years we searched for a website where we could manage ourselves but we didn’t have someone in the church with technical knowledge about website building. One of our key concerns was to be able to upload our sermons online and add minor updates frequently. The templates on Hubb are very easy to use without any technical knowledge.

Hubb understands how churches operate and they have designed the templates to suit our needs. Add to these, Hubb offers excellent customer services. Being a member of the Baptist Union, we also get substantial discounts. We would highly recommend Hubb based on ease of use, excellent customer service and affordability.'

Pastor Nana, Braemar Avenue Baptist

'Hubb have been a brilliant partner for us here at Prestbury Methodist Church. We desperately needed to update our online presence and learn new more efficient ways to communicate with our church family. A small team with little website building experience found using the great tools and support from Hubb really easy to learn and within a few months had built and tested our new site. Having the help desk, plus many support articles and videos made a huge difference when we got stuck and they were always very responsive and helpful. Once up and running with the site we have been able to learn and make good use of the super back office tools for communications. The facility to be able to readily, and reliably, email groups within the church has been a great benefit to us - easy, and well designed’. We would certainly recommend Hubb to any church looking to improve their use of technology.'

Malcolm Hurrell, Prestbury Methodist Church

From the first conversation the team listened to what we were looking to achieve with our church website at Fressingfield Baptist Church. The team were professional, straightforward, patient and delivered exactly what they said that would. Responding to questions promptly and giving us confidence along the way. The system is easy to use and update when required by our team. I would definitely recommend Church Insight to other churches looking for a new website.'

Trevor, Fressingfield Baptist Church

'Having moved to St James from a much larger church with a big office team, taking on responsibility for a website was quite daunting, but we chose to use Hubb and they have been brilliant. Their ‘getting started’ videos are really clear and easy to follow, so I was able to start the video then pause as I went along to do the steps until I had got more used to how to edit and personalise the site.

Along the way I recognised that there were quite a few things that I could have done better or didn’t look as good as other websites, so when I saw Hubb advertising a free review of the site I got in contact with them and it was so helpful. Adam not only advised me on things that he could see immediately, that could be improved, but also went through how to do some of the things I was finding difficult, like sizing the photos correctly.

Whenever I have had any contact with the team at Church Insight they have been really helpful, and if I had a problem I have just rung them up and they have made changes for me. I also paid £125 recently for them to overhaul the site, checking and correcting sizing of images so they can show up correctly on mobile phones, checking all the links, pointing out information that was now out of date, and adding in some of their original images which I had deleted by mistake!

I would highly recommend Hubb, if you are looking for a professional looking website, with ready help and support to hand.'

Heather Graham, St James Church, Downley

'We are so glad we found Hubb! We used the website-only only option for years which was great as an information point for visitors and members alike, but in the last few years we've upgraded to be able to use the admin side of things as well. What a difference it has made to our church management, especially since the new GDPR requirements came into force. There are so many things we can use the website for now and it is pretty much our default to say "you'll find it on the website" for the much that goes on in the life of our church. The web office system is easy to use for the church staff and even our techy-challenged members have been able to get to grips with using the member-only functions (out of necessity during Covid lock-downs but they're all getting the benefit of their new skills as we move on!) There are tutorials and resources available to help with anything we need to do and we've always had very quick and wise help from the support team for any questions we've had. It's great knowing that the development team is always there and working away on new features or improvements all the time.'

Sally Pirie, Hebron Evangelical Church, Aberdeen

'We are a small church with a big heart for our community and our Hubb website has enabled us to have a flexible and beautiful "window" for the world to see what we are up to. We didn't need all the church management features, so it was great that these were priced separately, making the essential running cost very competitive when we were looking to switch providers. The customer support has been excellent, enabling us (as web building novices) to build a brand new website from the template and the maintenance is straightforward enough for anyone with modest computer skills to use - ideal when your team is mostly volunteers.'

Heather McDowell, Stoke Poges Church

'Hubb made the process of creating a new website really easy, and have been brilliant since! Using the web office to maintain and update the website gives us lots of control and the church management system that comes with it has been really useful for sorting various admin tasks as part of church life. The help and articles available on ShareInsight are really clear and helpful and if ever I need help with something that's not on there the support team are very friendly and very quick to respond to any issues.'

Michelle Bateman, St Andrew's Church

'If you want a church website that's easily kept up to date without deep technical knowledge, where you can upload your articles, photos and videos, Hubb is the place for you. What is more you can give the different prayer groups and clubs their own page to edit and keep lively! The web office offers lots of useful facilities and the donation button has helped enormously during lockdown to keep our 'heads above water'. We email our weekly newsletter to nearly 2,000 recipients with the touch of three clicks! What is more, the team at Hubb are very responsive and helpful in dealing with any query, be it simple or more complicated.'

Christopher Woodward, Sacred Heart Church, Wimbledon

A really excellent package. We have been able to create a good looking website, an absolute necessity for mission today in our community. It is very easy to change web pages quickly, which has been a real boon in uncertain times. New users of the website find it easy to learn the ropes, so we have been able to gradually increase our team of people looking after different pages for the various church groups. The web office is very good - easy to use with pretty intuitive functionality, backed up by good help pages and an accessible team at Hubb. This has been a very good investment. Highly recommended to other churches.'

Simon Taylor, St Andrew's Church, Stapleford

'We have been utilising Hubb's combined website and admin system for many years now and it has helped us enormously. Not only do we have a website that looks great but the "behind-the-scenes" tools brilliantly aid our administration work and save us a lot of time. It is a very user-friendly system, which is continually being developed and improved, and if we do have any urgent questions, these are always quickly answered by the support team.'

Philippa Probert, Hertford St Andrew's Church

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