Support your groups and ministries with our people management features

Manage church groups

Streamline your operations

Organise your members and contacts into the groups they are involved in. This can be small groups, youth/kids groups, serving groups or ministries like your Student ministry.

Keep group related content in once place, and restrict access to group members. Perfect for PCC minutes, worship team resources or even policies for children's ministry workers.

Organise serving

Keep everyone on the same page

Manage your volunteer teams as they serve in different areas of church life. Organise and send serving rotas to let people know when they’re on duty. Setup automated reminders to save yourself the time and effort of contacting the team members each week.

With our rotas feature you can manage your serving teams easily and effectively from anywhere. You don’t even need to be in the church office!

Children's ministry

Run you children's ministry with helpful features

Organise your children, and leaders into their groups and keep records of DBS certificates, attendance registers and any shared resources or safeguarding policies.

Easily communicate with parents by email and SMS.

Child check-In

Child Check-in is a flexible system that allows you to safely check your children into their Sunday groups.

For example, you can setup a laptop or iPad as a kiosk for registration and use a label printer to print a label for the child and a pick-up code for the parent.

We have put child protection at the heart of this new feature and integrated SMS text messaging to alert parents if there is an issue with their children. There is an incident log for leaders and labels to show medical or allergy information.

Custom fields

Personalise your database

If you need to include more information for people in the database, that’s no problem, you can add custom fields.

These fields can be text, number, dropdown list or even a link to a file. You can easily build reports, save them and email people based on the report results.

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