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Our team is dedicated to helping local churches and Christian organisations to flourish on the web with our powerful website, app and church management tools.

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Our Team

Marcus Pickering
Consultant Software Developer

Marcus has a PhD in Computer Science and a Theology degree. He enjoys weekend camping trips with his family and as much DIY as he can fit in.

Nick Watkins
Chief Technology Officer

Nick writes great code but most enjoys playing with cables. After he walks his dog early in the morning, he makes sure he's the snappiest dresser at the company.

Debs Dennis
Customer Support Manager

Debs is multi-talented and makes sure customers get great support, super-fast! She keep us topped up with cake and a great sense of humour.

Kenton Hammonds
Web Developer / Technical Support

Kenton has a PhD in Computer Simulation of Molecular Chemical Systems from Cambridge University. He's also an author and likes biscuits, lots of biscuits!

Robin Ireland
Creative Director

Robin has over 15 years experience of being at the cutting edge of design and branding. Robin loves DIY projects, fishing and golf, if he can find the time!

Ruth Hesling-Gibson
Finance Administrator

Ruth manages the day to day finance of Endis. She make amazing white chocolate chip cookies, loves to stay fit and eat fancy macaroons.

Brendan Neville
Founder & Investor

Brendan founded ChurchInsight and has charted the course of the product technology from inception. He can be found fixing broken gadgets, breaking them and fixing them again... He loses at golf to Adam our CEO.

Adam Johannes

Adam is a keen golfer and gardener. He dislikes paper and wires. He can be found at local garden centre cafes eating breakfast with his 4 kids and wife at the weekend. Adam loves compost, far too much.

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