Website Tidy-Up

Have our team tidy your website's content to give you a tidy and consistent website.

Time for a tidy-up?

Over time websites can be neglected and show outdated or even missing information.

In today's digital age, your website is a vital tool for your digital mission strategy, as people in your local community may check the site to learn more about the church.

Our team can help

Our ‘Website Tidy-Up’ service is for any church that would like to harness our team’s expertise to format their content and tidy up their web pages.

Our team can go through your website and tidy up the formatting and spacing of your web pages making sure you have a professional and consistent website. We can also improve the design of forms and image sizing.

Much less than a rebuild

'Website Tidy-Up' is a one-off £195 fee that tidies your website and boosts your online presence.

This service costs much less than rebuilding your site and together with a new free template and styling, it can give you a successful relaunch.

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