Update Service

Focus more on your mission and let our experts manage your website and church management system for you

Focus more on your mission

We know that churches are busy places with staff and volunteers focused on mission, evangelism and discipleship.

Due to popular demand, we have launched our 'Update Service' as an option for churches who would like to outsource some work to our in-house experts.

Let our experts help you

As our team are experts at using Hubb, you will benefit from fast and accurate updates when you request them. This can take the pressure off your team and help you keep your website and operations up to date.

Low monthly fee

Our update services costs only £39 a month and gives you two hours of our team's time to update your site or anything in the Hubb system.

Requests can include things like:

"Please can you extend my event series for the new year"

"Please can you replace 6 images on my website with my new images"

"Here is my rota in a spreadsheet format. Please can you create it in Hubb"

"Here is a word doc and images for a new page. Please can you add it to my website for me"

Many others...

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Our hope for your church

Our hope and prayer is that this is a blessing to your church and your team who will appreciate the support in having this help them. We also hope that your website, app and system will be kept up to date and a help to those in your church and local community.


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