Church App

Your church app will enable you to communicate and engage more effectively with your church members and wider contacts.

Your own church app

Personalised styling for your church

The app comes with your church name, logo and brand colours.

Using the latest app technology, it is available on Apple, Android, PC, Mac and Chrome OS. Anyone can install your app at the tap of a button directly from your website, but only those who have login access will be able to see the member-only content.

Engage with your members

Upgrade your communication strategy

Keep your members up to date with information about events, news, notice sheets and the latest sermons.

Members can log-in and access their serving rotas, donate in the app and keep their profile up to date.

Integrated with your Hubb content

Save once... update everywhere

It’s so easy for your admins. There is no need to update two systems; the Hubb website and app are connected so you only have to update your content in one place.

Boost your serving

Personal serving view for members

When your members install your app, they can login and see their rota details.

They will also get an automated rota reminder email to help them keep track of their serving schedule :)

30-day free trial

No payment details required

How it works

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