Website Check and Fix

Have our team review your website, recommend some improvements and carry out the work for you

Time for a check up?

Over time websites can be neglected and show outdated or even missing information.

In today's digital age, your website is a vital tool for your digital mission strategy, as people in your local community may check the site to learn more about the church.

Let our experts help you

You can benefit from your team at Hubb performing a thorough review of your website and fixing the issues that are spotted.

We also make some recommendations so you can keep your website looking ship-shape for longer.

A cost effective solution

'Website Check and Fix' is a one-off £95 fee that gives you the expertise and experience of your Hubb team to review your website and fix it up.

We allocate time for our experts to review the site, and then up to 2 additional hours of our time for fixing or updating the site.

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What's the catch?

There is no catch. We love churches and want to help yours have the best website possible.

We will spend some time reviewing your website and reporting back our findings. After your approval, we will fix the issues.

It's likely that we may suggest a new, modern website template and our styling service. Both the template and styling are free :)

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