What is a Church Management System?

February 15, 2021

Posted by:
Adam J

Churches have a lot going on. They do so much to help their members and the local community. Many Churches also have missionaries going all over the world to share the gospel. To organise these activities, you can take advantage of a church management system. Let's explore some more.

What is a Church Management System?

Nowadays, most church management systems are online software tools.  They allow you to easily log on wherever you have a computer or laptop with an internet connection.

Typical features of these church management system's mainly include your church member's database. To perform any communication or admin tasks for a church, you need your member's details.

Once your member data is in the system, you can then do many things using the software to help you get organised, stay organised and save time.

Which features will it have?

Most church management systems will have the following features.

  • Send email, letters or SMS to your members and contacts
  • Organise people into groups, for example, small groups, home groups, interest groups or serving teams
  • Manage your church calendar
  • Create and organise your Sunday service rotas
  • Manage your Sunday School or Children's Church activities
  • Manage GDPR Consent
  • Take and manage donations online
  • Manage your room and equipment bookings for church activities and external reservations

Integrate your church website

Some providers have taken things even further and integrated these features into a church website tool as well. Further integration is beneficial because you can easily take the information from your system and place it on your website very quickly.

If you pick a provider where this is the case, they will most likely have more church specific website features. Such features like:

  • uploading your Sunday sermons
  • allowing your members to log in and update their details
  • see their serving dates and roles
  • book onto events
  • donate and manage their giving

Benefits of using a Church Management System

There are many benefits to using a Church Management System.

Firstly, having church specific features all in one system keeps things organised and centralised. There is only one system to learn as opposed to many.

In Sync
Imagine having different providers for all of your admin functions. Keeping the data in-sync across many systems presents a real challenge. Manual syncing can take much time, and if the data is not kept up to date, mistakes can occur.

Paying one system with many features is likely less expensive than for many providers individually.

Sharing Knowledge
With just one system to learn, you can involve more people and have a better spread of knowledge. If one person leaves or has to stop helping, others can easily pick up some tasks to keep things ticking over.

You can get help
Church Management providers are there to help churches, and they are passionate about doing so.  

Are you looking for an easy to use, cost-effective Church Management System? Check out Hubb.church

So there it is, a guide about what a church management system is and what they do. If you would like to learn more about this and other related topics then check out are other blog posts.

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