The Most Crucial Components Your Church Website Should Have

October 29, 2021

Posted by:
Adam Johannes

There are so many must-have elements or features that should be incorporated into any church website. The challenge with this is that the needs of all churches are different. 

While you may feel like your church website needs an overhaul, it's important to remember that all the bells and whistles will be for nought if it doesn't accomplish the basics.


Many churches still don’t have a website. Today, even if you are a small church in a rural area, some people in the community still don’t go to church or don’t know where to find one. With that, having a website will help people find you and visit your church online before they visit it in person. 

Updated Information

In the case your church already has a website, an important component here is to ensure there’s up-to-date info there. Make sure your website contains clear information about what your church is currently doing. 

Your information should have the right contact information and make sure online users can see them easily. 


Are you streaming your service? If you do, then your video content should be highly visible to people who go to your site. Add links to your YouTube or Facebook page at the top of the front page. You can also consider embedding the latest sermon video on your homepage to keep users on your site. 

As much as possible, add additional instructions for watching the video as there may be some people in your community who are not too tech-savvy. 

Welcome Page

Your church should have a welcome page that is designed for new people in your church. It’s a good idea to think of creative ways to welcome them to your page. Anything from digital gift cards to a meal delivery service can help gain the contact information of churchgoers. Consider printable vouchers as well. 

Discipleship Content

There are more people who spend a lot of time online. Take advantage of this by having discipleship content on your website. Even if you only have a few links to trusted resources online, they will be helpful enough for people who visit your site. 

Online Giving

Many churches are struggling when it comes to their finances. Having an online giving solution on your website can help with this as more users transact online. Online giving will also make it easier for churches to get donations that can help the church. takes care of all of this for you including obtaining Gift Aid permission and helping with tax returns. Your church treasurer will be very happy.

Have an Online Presence for Your Church

Your church website is essentially your digital location to make disciples, reach your community and much more. Even though it’s not the only tool you should use, it should be one of your main digital highlights for carrying out your church’s mission. It is important not to let yourself get overwhelmed by the size of this project. The key here is to be patient and methodical as you tackle your church website project.

Hubb.Church specializes in building a website for a church through an all-in-one integrated system that is designed to help churches run smoothly online. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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