Make your church website more friendly for visitors

November 16, 2022

Posted by:
Adam Johannes

Enhance your digital mission with a helpful and engaging Visitor Welcome Box

We spend lots of time thinking about ways we can help churches. 

Not only do we work on how to streamline operations, communication and church admin, but a massive part of our passion is helping churches reach more people.

It's essential to help your website visitors access the information they need quickly and easily. 

That's where our Visitor Welcome Box comes in. 

The box sticks to the bottom right-hand corner of every page when a website visitor is browsing your site. When clicked on, the box opens a nice lightbox displaying your 'New to Church' page. 

Your 'New to Church' page should show helpful information for potential visitors to your Sunday Service. The page should also showcase what else goes on at your church, your role in the local community and how they can contact you and get involved. The more personal you make this page, the better.

Here is how the box looks on our demo website, 'The Town Church.'

(If you want to check out our demo website, please visit

The box comes free with all our church website templates, which are now free to upgrade. If you want the Visitor Welcome Box on your current site or want to talk to us about upgrading your template for free, please email us at

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