6 Good reasons why your church should have a mobile app

June 28, 2021

Posted by:
Adam Johannes

Communicating to your members is one thing, but engaging them to be active in the life of the church is something else, and much harder to do.

How a church mobile app can help

An app for your church can help your church in many ways. Here is some useful information to consider.

It will help you keep your data current
Any useful church app should be integrated with your Church Management System. Then your members will be able to log in and keep their contact details and other data up to date.

It's easy for members to check when they're serving
With serving data in your app, it will be easy for your members to check the dates and roles they are serving at your church. You will have fewer no-shows on Sundays, and your Services will run more smoothly.

Members can catch up on sermons offline
With a feed of your previous sermon recordings shown in the app, a good church should allow you to download, or store any recording for listening or watching offline later. Offline access is perfect for commuters.

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You can add a prayer request or praise report area in your app

To further engage with your members, church apps can add an element of pastoral care. Why not add a prayer request form that gets sent to those responsible for prayer in your church.

It makes it easy to donate, again and again
People are now giving more than ever using online tools and their mobile phone. With a church app, your members will be able to get their phone and donate easily.

It makes you look good!
Apps are cool! Get your app looking good with your name, logo and branding, and you and your church will look like they have their act together for digital media.

Church App Tips

Make it yours
To better engage with your members, your app needs to have your name, logo and branding. If you do get a church app, don't miss the opportunity to be on your member's home screen and catch their eye.

Keep it current
Whatever you do, make sure the content refreshes and members will want to come back and see what's new in the app. If your app is automatically pulling in sermons, events form a calendar or a list of files for your notice sheets that is a great way to automate new content appearing in your church app.

Shout about it
When your church app is ready, tell your members and get them to log in, update their details and check out what it can offer.

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So there is a little bit of information to mull over when thinking about getting a church app. If you would like to learn more about this and other related topics then check out are other blog posts.

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